The Hardest Year to Date: A 2020 Recap

by Kiley Peters

Kiley Founder & CEO, Brainchild Studios

Kiley Peters is the Founder and CEO of Brainchild Studios, a boutique digital content marketing and website creation agency primarily serving brands targeting millennial moms through customer research and digital strategies. She is also the Founder of the Work From Home Playbook, a series of online courses guiding aspiring entrepreneurial moms through the steps of starting a virtual business. As a three-time entrepreneur, with over a decade of industry experience, she has worked on digital marketing strategies for over 75 brands ranging from small businesses to global enterprises. Her primary areas of expertise include strategic business consultation, digital content strategy, and consumer behavior research and analysis.

She is an Adjunct Professor at Marquette University teaching Digital Content Strategy and holds dual Bachelor of Arts degrees from Marquette University and an MBA from the University of Illinois at Chicago.