My goal in every speaking engagement is to share as much as I possibly can and provide tangible takeaways the audience can implement or at least provide a roadmap to make something happen!

I have an improv background - and no, I’m not a comedienne - but it does come in handy on stage. I’ve been told I’m funny. I think I’m funny, but I think it’s hereditary - my dad thinks he’s funny too. Regardless, my enthusiasm for the work I do shines through and I’ve been told it’s infectious (in a good way).

I’ve had the pleasure of sharing a number of stages with local, national, and internationally recognized speakers at some of the below conferences, workshops, and engagements.

I speak on the following topics, but can tailor the conversation toward any audience as appropriate:

  • Marketing to Small Business Owners (Based on Original Research)
  • Building Your Business in Align with Your Personal Goals & Values (Speaking Session & Workshop)
  • Using Content Marketing to Grow Your Business (Speaking Session & Workshop)
  • Increasing the Value of Your Business
  • Women in Business & Entrepreneurship

"One of the best sessions I attended. All data and real recommendations. Incredibly helpful and interesting research. Thanks for doing lots of work that we don’t
have the capacity to do!"

Content Marketing World Attendee