For the process-oriented business ladies out there, this might be the course that gets you most excited. I can’t claim to share the same love, but I do get excited about organization and creating efficiencies and that’s exactly what this course is all about. We want to make sure you set up processes and systems to effectively and efficiently work on your behalf, saving you time allowing you to invest your time back into your business.

We’ll go through all the fun stuff from financial software to client onboarding processes to creating a sales process that’s specific to your business. All the nuts and bolts are included in this operations toolkit.

In this WFH Playbook Operational Processes & Systems course, we will:

  1. Set up a CRM
  2. Set up an accounting/ bookkeeping system
  3. Set up budgeting and forecasting system
  4. Set up payroll
  5. Create a sales process
  6. Create your client onboarding process
  7. Set up a project management tool
  8. Set up a file management process for you and your future team
  9. Set up communication tools and a communication process for your future team
  10. Begin building your team (if you want)

I’ll go over my recommended order of attack to make sure that those initiatives that build upon one another are addressed first and so on. You’ll have lifetime access to this content, so if things take a little longer than you originally thought, no problemo. You can reference this content at any time!