I swoon over great websites and solid digital marketing plans, so I’m going to give you everything I have to offer here. Whether you’re a social media socialite or still figuring out how to set up your LinkedIn profile, no worries. I got you.

The Work From Home Playbook: Marketing & Outreach course is going to walk you through step-by-step all you need to know about how to get your business up and running online. From content strategy creation and email marketing to social media profiles and pages to case studies and testimonials, we’re going to go through this one nugget at a time.

I’m not going to suggest you spend hundreds of dollars on fancy software. I’m going to give you the bootstrapping approach I took and we’re gonna get scrappy. Smart and clever, but scrappy. I don’t want you spending unnecessary money to get this thing up and running before you’re making any. As the savvy business women we are, we wouldn’t do something like that, would we? Nahhhhhh. Not at this stage in the game at least.

In this WFH Playbook Marketing & Outreach course, we will:

  1. Set up professional social media profiles
  2. Set up an email marketing account
  3. Claim your Google My Business listing and build your profile
  4. Create a digital content strategy for your brand
  5. Activate your social media strategy
  6. Create case studies
  7. Ask for client reviews
  8. Create your first set of blog posts to launch a thought leadership blog
  9. Set up and launch a monthly newsletter
  10. Seek out community
  11. Begin building partnerships (if you want)

Are you excited yet!? I sure am! Remember, you can take this at your own pace and tackle it when it works best with your schedule. Sounds nice, hey? You’ll have lifetime access to this content, so you’ll be able to come back and reference it at any time! Let’s do this!