As a mom, I know you’re juggling a lot. So let me help you out by giving you a simple checklist that will kickstart things off on the right foot and use your time efficiently!

Everything we cover in the Business Set-up Essentials is truly essential to starting your online business endeavors. I especially implore you to dive into legal contracts and online payments and e-signing software. Our mini business plan outline also defies the idea of a 30 page business plan and instead shrinks it down into actionable steps to take now. Much more manageable.

In this WFH Playbook: Business Set-Up Essentials course, we will:

  1. Establish your intentions
  2. Set benchmark goals
  3. Create your mini business plan
  4. Create legal contracts (I have comprehensive legal clauses included from my attorney)
  5. Set up invoicing software and electronic payment systems
  6. Set up e-signing software
  7. Find a physical location (I’ll explain why, it’s not what you think!)
  8. Recommended Resources

This will be a solid crash course on getting the skeleton of your business up and running so you have a strong foundation to build out the rest of the fun stuff! You’ll have lifetime access to this content, but let’s get this show on the road, am I right!?