As a mom, I know you’re juggling a lot. So let me help you out by giving you a simple checklist that will kickstart things off on the right foot and use your time efficiently!

Well, hot diggity-dog, let’s get this branding game underway! Branding is extremely important to maintain consistency and make it easy for your audience and prospective clientele to recognize you when they come across your content.

In the WFH Playbook: Branding & Service Offerings course, we will:

  1. Identify your target audience
  2. Identify your service offerings
  3. Create your brand voice and tone
  4. Create your brand identity
  5. Create SOPs for your service offerings
  6. Create a master proposal template
  7. Create a capabilities deck

That’s right mama, we’re gonna dive in, roll up our sleeves and figure out who you’re talking to, what problems you’re gonna solve for them and get you set up to start selling! Remember, you’ll have lifetime access to this content, so let’s jump in!