I believe moms are superheros.

But even Clark Kent had a day job.

So it’s not an absurd question to ask “how can I work from home and make money?” Especially considering many parents are trying to figure out how they can create a flexible work schedule so they can still financially contribute to the family and pick up the kids from school.

With the advances and accessibility to technology, I believe anyone can start their own business and take charge of their income. That includes you!

I’ve create five courses designed to allow you to make money working from home based on my experience of successfully working remotely for the last five years.

I started my own virtual (work from anywhere) agency so that, someday when I become a mom, I’ll have a flexible work schedule allowing me the opportunity to still work and balance motherhood. You can create that flexibility for yourself too and I’m here to help!

I’ve spent the last five years running virtual service-based companies. I was a freelance digital marketing consultant for three years and then decided to officially start my own agency, Brainchild Studios. Now we’ve been going strong since September of 2016.

I want you to have the flexibility and freedom to control your income and still participate in afternoon playdates. So I’ve put together five courses to help you get started on your entrepreneurial adventure. I interviewed and surveyed over 50 aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners and industry leaders to chime in here, so there are all kinds of expertise from all over the country included! Additionally, I’ve carefully crafted a few freebies for you too!

Above are the four pillars necessary to create a sustainable and scalable business and I’ve also included a Business Set-up Essentials Course for you to get started. I recommend investing in all five (and there’s a discount if you buy them all at once), but you’re absolutely welcome to take them at whatever pace is right for you!

What are you waiting for? Put those brains and skill sets to use and start generating income for you and your family. If you’re ready to get started, I recommend checking out the Business Set-Up Essentials and Branding & Service Offerings first! But if you're ready to dive in head first, The Full Starter Kit is the way to go!